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Applewood smoked pork loin with sweet apple glaze 

1 pork loin- I used a whole one but a small 4-5lb roast would be fine. 
1 bottle Little Pig on the Prairie BBQ sauce
1 can Little Pig on the Prairie BBQ rub 
1 jar apple jelly
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup salt
1 gal water

Brine:  This step can be skipped if you are short on time.

Take whole loin and cut into 3 equal size pieces. This should give you 3 roasts about 4lb each. 
Mix brown sugar, salt, and 2Tbls rub with water until dissolved. 
Put in deep pot or large ziploc and add roast making sure it is completely submerged. Return to refrigerator for 6 hours. 

Remove from brine and pat dry with paper towels. 
Rub olive oil on all sides of roast followed by generous sprinkling of rub. Really coat it good because there isn't a lot of salt in it. Cover with foil and leave to get room temperature. 
Once coated on all sides it's time to heat up the smoker. I used a Pit Barrel Cooker with apple wood and charcoal. Shoot for about 250 degrees in your smoker. 

Now it's time to make the sweet apple glaze. 
See recipe below. 

Check temp after about 2 hrs. It could take up to 3 hrs depending on smoker temperature. Once the roast has reached internal temperature of 160-165, put in foil or disposable pan and pour glaze over the top. Be sure to get it on all sides. Return to the smoker for 15 minutes to carmelize. 
Remove from smoker and let rest 10 minutes. Pour up some glaze for dipping while you wait. 
Once rested, slice 1/4 inch slices and serve. 
It'll make you squeal "MMM, MMM, MMM" all the way down. 

Sweet Apple Glaze:
Put jar of apple jelly in a sauce pan. Pour BBQ sauce in jelly jar to measure. You want equal parts sauce and jelly. 
Heat over low heat to blend together. Stir often to prevent burning once mixture is smooth, remove from heat. 

If you want less smoke flavor just wrap in foil after 1 hour

It is very important that you use a meat thermometer to check internal temperature of the roast. Not using one could mean undercooked pork or dry, over cooked pork.